Viral Video: Adorable Baby Stops Crying On Seeing Food; We Can Relate

If there’s one category of videos that is always a hit on the internet, it has to be baby videos. We all love to see adorable children doing all sorts of cute antics that brighten up our social media feed. These videos are not just super fun to watch, but also bring an involuntary smile to our face. Recently, one such sweet baby has won over the internet – not just because of how adorable he looks, but also because he turned out to be a big foodie! In the viral video, we can see how being brought some food turned around the baby’s mood completely. Take a look at the full video here:

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The video was shared on Instagram Reels by the popular page @memer__naari_, where it went viral in a short span of time. It has already received over 2.6 million views and 125k likes. In the clip, we could see the cute baby seated on a chair with a spoon in hand. Presumably, he was quite hungry and thus was crying loudly. But the moment a bowl of ice cream was put in front of the baby, his mood transformed completely. He immediately started smiling and tried the ice cream with his spoon relishing every bite. “When you’re in a bad mood and someone brings you food,” read the caption to the video.

The cute baby and his reaction to food went viral and garnered thousands of comments. People could relate to his love for food and how even simple ice cream could turn around the mood entirely. “This is me every time I see biryani,” said one user while another added, “Perfect video. It works every time!” Many others tagged their friends and loved ones in the comments section.

This is not the only foodie baby we have seen in the recent past. Previously, another adorable toddler was caught on camera snatching his packet of chips and he simply refused to share it with anyone. Click here to read more about this story.

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