Bizarre: Expensive Ketchup Ice-Cream Goes Viral; Would You Eat This

If there is one thing that every kitchen, café or restaurant around the world has, it is ketchup. From having it with pakodas, samosas, dhokla, cheela fries, pizza, and sometimes even in pasta, this condiment goes well with everything. However, when it comes to pairing something with ketchup, it is generally with savoury recipes only. But what if we told you that there is ketchup ice cream too!? Doesn’t that sound surprising? We typically relate ice creams to more sweet flavours, so when an eatery was seen selling ketchup ice cream, it was bound to make heads turn.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user Saif Shawaf, we can see him ordering this ketchup ice cream which costs 12 dollars. Then, a lady serves him this pink-coloured ice cream which also has some ketchup drizzled on the top. The man in the video once again confirms if this is real ketchup and takes a bite of it. He gave a confusing reaction after tasting the ice cream. He also said if someone really likes ketchup, then they can have this flavour. Take a look at his full video here:


Ever since this video was shared online, it has been viewed 5.8 million times, has 135K likes, and almost thousands of comments. Many people have reacted negatively to this ice cream flavour, while some said they would surely try it. Check out some of the comments below:

“I am a huge fan of ketchup and questionable ice cream flavours, but nothing will justify me paying 12 dollars for ice cream.”

“I don’t care if it is the best ice cream in the whole world; I am not eating this.”

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“I can’t even stand the smell of ketchup.”‘

“I need to get this for my little one; she would go crazy for this.”

“I love ketchup! I would try it, but I doubt I would eat this frequently.”

“This ice cream with fries would be supreme.”

What do you think about this video? Have you ever come across such a bizarre ice cream flavour? Let us know in the comments below!

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